• Opulence Brightening Cleanser 50ml

Benefits: Cleanses, brightens, primes, improves skin radiance.


  • Rejuvenate Cleansing Gel 50ml

Benefits: Cleanses, primes, smooths and restores skin texture, removes makeup, excess oils and impurities.

For: All skin types.

  • Clarity Sensitive Gel Cleanser 50ml

Benefits: Gentle exfoliation, deep cleanse, clarifies, helps restore skins natural balance, primes.

For: Acne, problem skin.

  • Opulence Daily Serum 30ml

Benefits: Brightening, enhances radiance and vitality, hydrates, antioxidants, helps to even skin tone.

For: Dull, dehydrated, lines, wrinkles, pigmentation.

  • Rejuvenate Daily Serum 30ml

Benefits: Revives, deeply hydrates, antioxidants, provides a visible lifting and toning effect, improves skin texture.

For: Dehydrated, premature ageing.

  • Opulence Hydration Gel 30ml

Benefits: Brightening, enhances skin radiance and vitality, hydrates.

For: Dehydrated, premature ageing, pigmentation.

  • Rejuvenate Hydration Gel 30ml

Benefits: Hydrates, improves volume, skin appears tighter, firmer and more translucent, smooths appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

For: Dehydrated, premature ageing.

  • Opulence Moisture Brightening Cream 40ml

Benefits: Nourishes and hydrates skin, brightens and improves skin radiance and vitality, helps fight free radicals, softens uneven skin tone.

For: Ageing, fine lines, wrinkles, pigmented, uneven skin tone.

  • Rejuvenate Moisture Binding Cream 40ml

Benefits: Nourishes, re-texturize the skin, defends against free radical attack and environmental stressors.

For: Dehydrated, loss of elasticity, fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Rejuvenate Eye Masks x6

Benefits: Targets fine lines, dark circles, puffiness and stressed skin, brightens, tightens, rejuvenates.

For: All skin types.

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